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( Born Jan. 21st. 2009 )

Site updated: 08-25-2016

    If you came here by mistake and were looking for a search engine, click its' name - they're linked. Please accept our apologies for any possible confusion our name might have caused. The terms "ungoogle" or "gxxgle" relate to no specific company. After much labor on my part over several years time, they became verbs; both meaning to get removed from online indexes. It is a lot related to the E.U.'s court decision about the right to control your online persona, however Ungoogle.Org began advocacy years in advance of that ruling. Ungoogle.Org is not affiliated with the owners of the registered and respected trademarks Bing® (or) Google®.

    It also is not in an information indexing like business, nor is it a direct or indirect competitor to their industries. I don't give a shit who you search with, however I believe in your right to fair choice and your right to remove damaging information broadcast about you online by anyone.

    After 6 years you would think this site would have tons of content. I'm kind of embarrassed that it doesn't. Without all of the sub-pages, our status and placements in search results are hurt. When this domain was first started it had about a 10+ page site map. From my vast research you could find a large aggregate of tips and tricks about advanced search engine usage and the such here. Even though I ranked well in search engines, I found the same such information at many other sites elsewhere online so I stripped the junk away. Originality is important to stand alone in a world flooded with content.

    I went through a phase where I ran a search engine (clone) here. It took allot of work to get included in the many types of different browsers. This was the hay-day of I had more daily traffic then than at anytime before or even since then. It was also the happiest I have ever been with this domain. Having concern for a particular multi-million dollar corporation's ability to squash my ass, I transitioned away from search's and decided to focus on preservation of character as it seems to forever live online, both the good and the bad, and how it pertains to how the world sees you..

    This site is a pet project of mine. Never do I focus on advertising to you, sell stuff here, or need your money. I'm invested into this lightly for the long run, but already I'm pretty tired at this point. Someday soon though, this should change. I'm just killing time until I find some more work preserving online reputations. With the billions of web pages not being centralized in any one place and ran by just as many people, derogatory information can be broadcast about you without regulation and getting it altered or removed can near be impossible for the inexperienced; not to mention fully frustrating for everyone.

    In the past I have learned how to communicate with website masters to get the relief needed from the harm old, outdated, or just plain mean posts can cause your reputation. I would like the chance to help you remove that old criminal charge or description of the time you ran downtown drunk and naked that comes up when someone Google's your name. You're probably here because you may have already suffered from the pain that kind of stuff causes. Without protecting your right to be forgotten, it may hinder your ability to gain future employment, end your current job prematurely, or prevent you from getting that special some-thing/one you want. I proudly am letting you know, you are not alone. I am here for you.

    If you have a need to get some help removing any unwanted information about you posted online or wish to touch base with me about this site:

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contact me via email HERE,
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Ungxxgle yourself. I dare you.
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